Litigation (Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Labor Law, Customs & Commercial)

We are aware that in many cases our clients are forced to defend themselves against acts of the authorities. It is for this reason that our firm has highly trained litigation attorneys who continuously provide legal services, advice and representation both in audits and in the procedures and demands that may arise from the application of administrative [public tenders, environmental, among others] and tax laws, including local taxes and federal, foreign trade, social security, INFONAVIT (Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers), treaties related to double taxation, filing of appeals and other constitutional procedures such as the amparo to challenge the unconstitutionality of laws.


Our lawyers are highly trained in complex tax matters and use their experience to always ensure the interests of our clients, coordinating their actions with the other specialists of the various areas of our firm, in order to offer our clients comprehensive advice in the various branches of law.


Although we strive to achieve a preventive culture, there are cases in which labor litigation is inevitable. Considering this, and in order to provide a better service to our clients, we have formed a strong practice in labor litigation, with which we represent our clients in local and federal labor issues throughout Mexico.


Our area of commercial litigation deals with all kind of matters related to it, from conflicts between shareholders, contractual disputes and execution of guarantees to the collection of accounts.


In addition to its normal practice and in accordance with our approach to preventive legal strategies, our litigation attorneys regularly advise our experts in commercial transactions and other areas to obtain a broader view of the issues involved and mitigate any possible contingency, in the event of that it will happen, in order to have our clients always in the best possible position to face it.