International Trade & Customs

The area of foreign trade and customs advises clients in everything related to foreign trade, from the planning of strategies for import and export transactions, to the identification of global business opportunities.


We focus on directing domestic and foreign investors to take advantage of all the opportunities that Mexico and its network of commercial partners offer in the field of international trade.


Our advice includes custom audits of foreign trade, advice in Mexico’s network of free trade and trade agreements (analysis, compliance, rules of origin, preferential tariff rights, verification procedures, product negotiation, exemptions and exceptions, among others), anti-dumping, tariff deferral programs (IMMEX, Maquila, ECEX, ALTEX, PROSEC), strategic fiscal area, compliance with non-tariff barriers imposed on trade (for example, official Mexican standards [“NOMs”], import permits and registrations) determination of import taxes and countervailing duties, operation and registration of a certified company, classification of the harmonized tariff system, customs valuation, customs procedures, automotive industry and auto parts, and in general terms in the optimization of our clients’ foreign trade operations.


We have participated in the strategic planning and establishment of foreign trade operations and negotiations for several local, regional and international subsidiaries (mainly European and American) in Mexico; helped in the restructuring of foreign trade operations of Fortune 500 companies in electronics, household, steel, railways, oil and petrochemicals; we have also advised pharmaceutical companies and home accessories in anti-dumping proceedings; we have also obtained and applied the tax inspection system for one of the most prestigious automobile and truck companies in the world, and we have given continuous support in customs matters and foreign trade to foreign subsidiaries and Mexican companies in the aeronautical industry, energy , automotive, construction.