Karin Wall Montalvo

Karin leads the Foreign Trade and Customs practice group at Cornejo Méndez González y Duarte, S.C. (“CMGD”), since 2005. She obtained her Bachelor in Business Management from the UNIVERSIDAD IBEROAMERICANA, Mexico City in August 1998, with a Finance major. In March 2004, Karin was admitted as a Master of Science in International Management by the UNIVERSIDAD ANÁHUAC DEL SUR/CENTRO DE INVESTIGACIÓN EN EDUCACIÓN Y NEGOCIOS INTERNACIONALES/WORLD TRADE CENTER MEXICO/ BANCO NACIONAL DE COMERCIO EXTERIOR, Mexico City.


Karin was Foreign Trade and Customs Manager at VENEGAS CUBERO Y ASOCIADOS, S.C. México City until January 2000, before joining SÁNCHEZ-DEVANNY ESEVERRI, S.C. Mexico City as Senior Associate. In 2005 she joined CMGD’s founding Partners in establishing the new Firm, where she works as Foreign Trade Advising Partner up to present date.


Karin specializes in performing international trade and customs audits; in obtaining, managing and controlling export and foreign trade promotion programs (such as IMMEX, PROSEC, In-bond Warehouses, Strategic Bonded Warehouses, IVA and IEPS Certified Companies, and Cross-Border Security Programs, such as OEA -CT-PAT’s mirror program in Mexico-, etc.); Duty Draw-Backs; compliance with non-tariff restrictions and regulations (permits, quotas, Official Mexican Standards -“NOMs”-, etc.) from different government agencies; automotive industry; Free Trade and Commercial Agreements entered to by Mexico: tariff reduction, origin rules, origin certification, quotas, product negotiation, waivers and automotive and auto-parts industry; customs valuation; Harmonized Tariff Classification; import legalization, and, in general terms, attaining full compliance and the optimization of client’s foreign trade and customs operations.


Karin has set-up and structured the foreign trade operations of many foreign companies new to the Mexican market, including establishing large production facilities and/or logistic centers for the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, transport, railway, auto-parts, textile, electronic, electric, oil and drilling industries, etc.


Tel: +52 (55) 55 40 22 25

Mobile: + 34 630 969 364