Labor Law & Social Security

The services provided by our lawyers in this area are focused on developing a “preventive culture” in our clients in order to provide them with better strategies and in this way avoid possible work risks.


To this end, our labor and social security area focuses on those issues that could commonly cause future liabilities such as: the drafting of contracts for officers, directors, managers and employees; development and implementation of codes of conduct, procedures and manuals; development and implementation of alternative and flexible remuneration schemes, implementation of systems for expatriates; practical advice for all types of termination of employment contracts including the preparation and execution of the notice of termination, among others.


One of our strongest practice areas related to human resources is to assist our clients with regard to collective bargaining agreements and negotiations. In addition to providing our clients with experience in such negotiations, we provide them with personal contacts in the main unions and sections within those unions, which assist our clients in creating a better relationship with their employees, mitigating several of the possible contingencies could happen in the future.


With regard to social security matters, we provide a deep analysis and advice regarding the pensions of companies and / or retirement plans as well as for their execution, and for the application of multi-competency plans, this coupled with the advice we provide for compliance with social security laws and regulations, as well as for payments and presentation of required notices / writings.